General Questions

Should I use the Download or Instant Play Casino?

Using the Instant Play Casino requires no installation of software on your computer so far as you have already installed the Adobe Flash Player (web-browser plug-in). If your web-browser already supports Flash, you simply need to register a free user account and you can start playing immediately. Using the Download Casino requires you to download and install the Kings Chance Casino software before you can start playing. The download and installation process is performed only once and is completed in a few minutes.

If game speed and security are important to you, we recommend using the Download Casino. Download Casino games are running faster, are more stable and have better game server interaction. Web-browser based activities (e.g. money transactions) are more prone to data sniffing and malicious attacks than those in the Download Casino. Therefore the Download Casino can be considered as the safer and more professional variant. Since the setup program of the Download Casino is only installing the core files (the games will be loaded later on demand) the installation process is quick, easy and doesn’t compromise your computer’s stability or security.

I have a MAC – can I gamble anyway?

Yes. Kings Chance Casino customers using computers with Mac OSX operating system can play in the Instant Play Casino which is similar to the Download Casino in terms of graphics and features. The Download Casino is Windows software and does not run natively with the Mac OSX.

I am using Linux/Unix – can I gamble anyway?

Yes. Kings Chance Casino customers using computers with Linux can play in the Instant Play Casino which is similar to the Download Casino in terms of graphics and features. The Download Casino is Windows software and does not run natively under the Linux/Unix.

I can’t find the casino setup files, what should I do?

Simply follow these steps:

Found: Now you may start the installation by double-clicking the file.

Not found: Most likely the download was not complete, please kindly repeat the download.

I am not able to register and open an account, why?

One of the possibilities could be that you have already opened a casino account with us in the past. Please contact our customer support for assistance.

Are there any minimum legal age requirements?

Yes, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to open an account and play with us. We take all necessary steps to verify our customers’ date of birth.

Is online gambling legal?

The participation in online gambling may represent a violation of law in your jurisdiction. If you are in doubt please contact a legal expert. It is your sole responsibility to check if your country of residence has any laws or regulations which prohibit the online gambling.

Security and Privacy

Is online gaming in Kings Chance Casino secure?

There is no absolute security on the Internet. We at Kings Chance Casino are using the latest technologies and reliable procedures to secure your personal data, transactions and privacy. All transferred and stored data is handled by using high-grade public key encryption. If you are following the basic rules and principles of keeping your personal information safe, gaming in Kings Chance Casino can be considered as safe. For more detailed information about our security measures, please view our Security Notes, Privacy Policy and Fair Gaming WebPages.

Why do you need my personal details when I’m registering at your site?

We are a security conscious company and our highest priority is to ensure that all our customer’s personal details registered with us actually belong to the right people. We verify our customer’s personal details to eliminate any possibilities for fraudsters to misuse somebody else’s identity and/or banking details at our site. If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal information stored with us, rest assured that it is safe, because we constantly maintain the highest protection levels with the help of our latest technologies, procedures and business partners. Further security information can be viewed on our Security Notes, Privacy Policy and Fair Gaming WebPages.

Finances and Promotions

How can I start playing for real?

You need to register a player account and process your first deposit with us. If you already have a fun-mode player account with us, simply click “Play for Real” in the casino lobby and follow the prompts; please do not create a new account. Further information on how you can get started is viewable on our First Steps webpage.

How do I access the casino cashier?

The cashier can be accessed from the games window. In the right bottom corner is a control element where you can select “Cashier”. Accessing the cashier requires a previous registration.

By using this control element you can also open the help system and define some options (settings for the casino games). The button “Lobby” is only functional if you are playing games in a pop-up window. Otherwise select the games from the menu on the right side.

What are my money deposit options?

We offer various instant deposit methods depending on your country of residence. Please view our Banking webpage or casino Cashier where you can choose your preferred money deposit method. If you have chosen a credit/debit card method but your deposit didn’t go through, please contact our support team that will be more than happy to assist you. Also, you can make your deposit by any of our alternative instant methods, which have much higher success rate for your deposit to be approved.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

To be able to play for real money you need to deposit a minimum of $25 and, you may claim our 3 tiered welcome deposit bonuses of up to $1,000 (Note: please kindly read our Bonus Terms webpage before redeeming any bonuses).

Can I review my financial transactions and bets placed?

Yes. We provide a detailed history of your transactions made to and from your casino account, and also all of your real bets placed. The whole history is accessible in the casino Cashier.

What does it mean that the bonus is non-cashable (“sticky”)?

Non-cashable (“sticky”) bonus is the bonus that you cannot cash out upon completing the wagering requirements. You can use the bonus for wagering and you can cash out the winnings which you generated by using the bonus when you have fulfilled the bonus linked wagering requirements. Generally speaking, bonuses are provided as incentives to new and also to loyal players to extend their winning chances. Therefore, according to the common industry practice, after a player completes the wagering requirements and decides to withdraw the winnings from his/her account balance; the bonus amount is removed from the player’s withdrawal.

How can I claim a bonus/promotion?

Be aware that you need to claim the bonus/promotion of your choice BEFORE making your deposit. Simply proceed to the casino Cashier to view your available bonuses/promotions with corresponding terms, choose the offer you like and click “Claim” button. The claimed bonus will be credited instantly to your account balance after you successfully complete your deposit. Both the bonus and the deposit amounts will be in your casino account balance. (Note: you can claim only one bonus per deposit made).

I changed my mind – how do I remove a bonus/promotion?

Please keep in mind that the bonus is redeemed as soon as you make the deposit and then it cannot be removed. However, if you decided that you want to cancel the bonus and didn’t make the deposit yet, you can remove the bonus by clicking on the promotion name and then choosing “Un-claim”.

How do I get my Comp Points?

Complementary Points (Comp Points) are special incentives for loyal players. With Kings Chance Casino’s outstanding Comp Points program, you accumulate the loyalty points easily when you are placing real money bets in the casino. One comp point is awarded for every Dollar that you bet in any game. One thousand of such points can be redeemed for ten dollar which is instantly credited to your account balance after you click “Claim Points” in the casino Lobby or “Redeem Comp Points” in the casino Cashier (Deposit Section).

Did I fulfill the wagering requirements and can I make a withdrawal?

If you want to know at any time how much you wagered towards the bonus requirements, simply contact us by visiting our Contact webpage or use our email address provided in the casino Cashier, and we will let you know. If you try to make a cashout before completing the wagering requirements, our system will indicate that the wagering requirements are not fulfilled yet and therefore the cashout is not possible at the moment. In this case, you will need to return to the game rooms and continue playing.

How can I make a withdrawal?

Simply follow our instructions in the casino Cashier for your preferred withdrawal method. Most of the time we will process your withdrawal via the same method that you used to deposit into your casino account. Where this is not possible, we will send your withdrawal to you via Bank Wire Transfer, or an E-wallet of your choice.

How long will it take to get my money?

This depends on the withdrawal method that you choose and also on when we receive your documentation necessary to process your withdrawal. Please refer to our Banking webpage or casino Cashier for details.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

You need to be aware of the applicable laws in your country of residence and it is your sole responsibility to pay such taxes if these laws exist. Many countries request taxes on winnings over a certain amount which you need to declare.

I got disconnected – what happened with my wagers/money?

Our system will detect if there is an Internet disconnection while you are placing your bet. As soon as you are reconnected and return to the game room, you will be at the same stage where the disconnection occurred.

Player Account

I have a new email address and/or moved to a new home with a different address. How can I update my account details?

Simply go to the casino Cashier and select the “Details/History” section. In the “Edit Your Details” tab you are able to change your postal address and phone details. In order to change your email address, please contact our customer support.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Simply go to the casino Cashier and select the “Details/History” section. In the “Change Password” tab you need to enter your old password and then the new one.

I forgot my username and/or password – what can I do?

As a first step, please make sure that your CAPS lock on your keyboard is off while entering your login details. Check also if you are typing with the correct keyboard layout (check your operating system settings). If this is not resolving your login problem, then simply click “Forgot Password” link on the casino login screen and, when prompted, enter your email address as registered in your casino account. Your old password will be reset and a new password will be emailed to you. If you don’t see our email with your new password, you either entered your email address incorrectly after clicking the “Forgot Password” link or our email went to your spam/junk folder where you need to search for it. As soon as you are logged in the casino again, we urge you to change your password in the casino Cashier to a safer choice.

Can I change my username?

Once you have chosen a username it is not possible to change it. Keep in mind that offensive usernames are not acceptable and the account might be closed at our own discretion if this is the case.

Responsible Gaming

I feel that I need to rest from my gambling for some time, can I temporarily self-exclude myself from playing?

Yes you can! Simply go to the “Help” section in the casino Cashier where you can temporarily self-exclude yourself by freezing your casino account for a specific period of time. After you have set the exclusion period, it is not possible to change it and your account will remain frozen (suspended) till the end of the chosen exclusion period during which you cannot log in to our site. When the exclusion period ends, you will be able to access your account again.

I feel that I can’t control my gambling, what should I do?

Gambling should be for entertainment and should not be causing problems. If you feel that you are developing a gambling pattern which affects your life in a negative way we are urging you to immediately consult our Responsible Gaming webpage and take the necessary steps outlined there. Additionally, please contact our customer support for assistance and close your account permanently in the “Help” section of the casino Cashier.


You couldn’t find the answer that you were looking for?

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